• Grillo G131 Tractor


    Grillo G131 Tractor

    This is the largest and heaviest duty Grillo tractor, specifically designed for heavy duty use with demanding soil-working implements.  The heavy-duty handlebars and robust transmission design make this the best tractor to run the reciprocating...

    $5,499.00 $5,149.00
  • Grillo G107D 11 hp Honda Engine Manual Start

    Grillo G107D 11 hp Honda Engine Manual Start

    The G107D is our least-cost “full-featured” tractor, with all the transmission ‘bells & whistles’: 3 working speeds plus transport speed in “trailer-pulling” direction, differential with lock, and steering brakes...

  • Berta Rotary Plow-Reversible


    Berta Rotary Plow-Reversible

    The ultimate tool for breaking sod; leaves 10-12" of worked soil in a single pass! It's like plowing and discing in one operation. Side discharge design can be used to build raised beds and power hilling. Excellent for turning in cover crops...

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  • Grillo Brush Mower attachment


    Grillo Brush Mower attachment

    Just like a miniature bush-hog!  1/4" thick hinged steel blades easily chop weeds, brush, and saplings up to 1" thick.  3/16" plate steel deck with reinforced rubber flaps for material discharge.  Floating deck runs on 2 skids with...

  • Grillo Rear-Tine Tiller 27"


    Grillo Rear-Tine Tiller 27"

    The Grillo 27" tiller has hardened steel ring and pinion drive ball bearings; 290 rpm tine speed w/bolostyle tines.  It can leave up to 8" depth worked soil, so it is best used as a secondary tillage tool or to incorporate soil amendments. The...

  • ET 3 tine cultivator with hitch

    ET 3 tine cultivator with hitch

    Fixed frame 21_ wide. Fits 5 hp and up. Weighs 75 lbs. Constructed by Aldo Biagioli of Italy. Clamps and shanks can be added, removed and slid left, right, up and down on the frame. come with 2 removable/adjustable caster wheels for depth control. Frame...

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  • Moldboard plow

    Built by Aldo Biagioli. Uses the drawbar and angle-adjustment assembly to attach to the walk-behind tractor PTO flange. Switches easily to other implements with a single pin. ALL MOLDBOARD PLOWS REQUIRE AT LEAST 150 LBS OF WHEEL WEIGHTS (and may require...

    $260.00 $174.00
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