• Vermont Compost Fort Vee 60 qt

    Vermont Compost Fort Vee 60 qt

    This is a complete germinating and growing-on mix designed for soil blocks. Excellent for trays, pots, and containers. Usually no additional fertility required until the roots fill the soil mix. When roots have filled container, top dress with Compost...

  • 2 inch Soil Blocker

    2 inch Soil Blocker

    This is a very popular size for starting off seedling like corn or squash, or transplanting them from 3/4" Mini-Blocks. This zinc-coated, solid steel unit is 2" x 8" x 9" tall, including the handle.    

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  • 3/4 inch Mini Blocker (20 blocks)

    3/4 inch Mini Blocker (20 blocks)

    Makes twenty, 3/4" soil blocks per stroke, in an area 3" x 4". Great to use when large numbers are needed, when space is limited or when fast germination is desired, as the blocks warm rapidly because of their small mass. Be sure to keep them well...

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