Q-Hoe Cultivating Tools & Catalog

  • Q-Hoe Catalog 2020

    Q-Hoe Catalog 2020

    Please use this Q-Hoe Catalog 2020 as a visual of products offered. The price list below corresponds to the products in the catalog by page/product number.  To begin the ordering process, please use this contact form to us know...

  • Q-Hoe Ultra Q2 row

    Q-Hoe Ultra Q2 row

    S3 cult (3) + Ultra Q2 + 3-point hitch M  ・ With "Ultra Q" that enables weeding between strips and weeds. Adaptive field force: 5 to 38ps Correspondence between strips : 45 to 80cm * The number of strips can be changed by...

  • Q-Hoe S3 Cultivator 3 row

    Q-Hoe S3 Cultivator 3 row

     S3 cult series, which is small but full of various mounting methods and functions.・ Because it is a towed weeding machine, the work speed can be as high as 2 to 10 km (1 mph - 6 mph) It can be mounted on various machines, from tractors, riding...