Lelievre Blades for Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

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Lelievre Blades for Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

The Lelièvre blades are an asset to your two-wheel hoe, since it weeds on both sides of your crop rows. This blade is made of two straight weeders, enabling work on any type of soil, including rocky terrains, without overly disturbing the soil. 


  • Weeds both sides of a row at once
  • Adjustable distance between blades based on shoot size


Minimum spacing: 1.5"   Maximum spacing: 5.1" 



This type of blade is primarily used for fast, accurate weeding for shoots 5-15 cm (1.9 5.9 in) in width. Beyond this size, the 300 mm blade should be used.When working closer to the rows, the Lelièvre blades can project earth, thus it is recommended to use the accu-discs, a tool for accurate weeding, with young seedlings.