Preci-Discs for Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

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Preci-Discs for Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

The preci-discs tool consists of two weeders and two plant-protecting discs for precision weeding less than 4 cm (1.6”) from shoot on the row. 


  • Designed for young carrot seedling hoeing three weeks after planting
  • Limits earth sprinkling on the row
  • Improves and eases the double hoe’s steering
  • Handles the depth of the work with three positions
  • Clearly cuts the strip of soil on which young seedlings are



After plants reach 5 cm (1.9”), the accu-discs may cut the crop’s leaves. In such a case, it is recommended to use the Lelièvre blades, which are perfect for shoots between 5-15 cm (1.9 5.9”).