Hand Tools

  • Tine Weeding Rake - 6” wide

    Tine Weeding Rake - 6” wide

    Great for tine weeding, cultivating, raking and more. We highly recommend this tool. Quickly and efficiently remove emerging weeds when they are easiest to kill. Most effective at removing thread stage weeds over established crops when used like a tine...

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  • DeWit Potting Trowel

    DeWit Potting Trowel

    Move soil easily and quickly with the DeWit Potting Trowel! Features an extra large carbon steel blade which is curved to prevent soil from spilling over the sides. Head 4.5"L x 4" W; Total Length 11".

  • Saboten Harvest Scissors 1318

    Saboten Harvest Scissors 1318

    Blades are made from high carbon steel, giving them sharper and longer lasting edges. These small scissors are designed to be worn on the knuckles. This frees up hands for other tasks, such as tying string and picking fruit. Ideal for harvesting small...

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  • Saboten Harvest Scissors 1315Straight Handle

    Saboten Harvest Scissors 1315Straight Handle

    Compact harvesting scissors. The ring-shaped handle allows use of both hands while keeping the scissors in your hand. Works well for harvesting and cutting small branches. The blade is made out of high-carbon steel. Can cut through diameter of 1/8".

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