Wheel Hoes

  • U-Bar Double Wheel Hoe

    U-Bar Double Wheel Hoe

    Higher vertical clearance for repeat cultivations throughout crop lifecycles. Uniquely designed "leaf lifters" prevent running over low-lying leaves and gently guide plants through the U-bar and the dual chassis. Compatible with numerous attachments to...

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  • Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

    Terrateck Two-Wheel Hoe

    With the two-wheel hoe, you can go directly on your crops’ rows. The tools that can be used with the two-wheel hoe are designed for hoeing as close as possible to your plants to carry out precision weeding.  Several tools can be used with the...

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  • Terrateck Double Wheel Weeder 5”

    Terrateck Double Wheel Weeder 5”

    The double wheel allows you to remove unwanted weeds, while the blade cuts them from underground. The blade is in tempered steel and can be fixed based on angle and height preferences. We love how well built and designed Terrateck tools are. The double...

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  • Disc Harrow Gangs w/ mounting hardware

    Disc Harrow Gangs w/ mounting hardware

    Cultivating and weeding attachment for U-Bar Double Wheel Hoe. Adjustable for both angle and spacing. May be angled inward for light hilling. Can also be used for footpath cultivation. Three 5 3/8" diameter concave discs spaced 2 3/8" apart on each gang...

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